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Have you ever been approached by someone, at a bar, club, mall, thru a mutual friend, etc, who starts talking to you, and bugs you, and then they ask for your phone number?   Sure you have.

Dont give them your real phone number and ignore the calls.
Give them MyFakeNumber, and get a laugh out of it, at their expense!

You can make them mad, or make them never want to try to call you again. You can decide what voice message you want them to hear.
You can give them any of MyFakeNumber free joke phone numbers. Its up to you on what one you chose.
They will never call you or bug you again.
No more worrying about strange or weird people calling you and having to screen your calls again.

Fake Phone Numbers are the perfect tool to avoid future contact from the strangers at the bar or club.

Send this number to your cell phone via text message to save for future reference.
You can also send your friends a text message, to let them know about this cool service.
Our text message service works for Sprint, Verizon, Alltel, Nextel, Cingular, Metro PCS.
It should work on all phones, including PDA and BlackBerry Models.

MyFakeNumber.com - 586-630-5008 Mental Institution
MyFakeNumber.com - 313-915-3115 Jail Work Release
MyFakeNumber.com - Coming Soon! - Crazy Family Members
MyFakeNumber.com is a joke phone service designed to give people a fake phone number or another phone number besides your real home phone or cell phone number.
The phone numbers provided do NOT go to real phone numbers, businesses, homes or mobile numbers.
The phone numbers provided go to a voice mail system, with call answering disabled. The message you hear is simply the outgoing message being played.
The extensions or options mentioned in the messages are not real and do not function.